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Grandpa Jack’s Minestrone


I think I was still in college when I first had this soup, and I knew then that I needed the recipe. (By the way, every now and then, I’m a little aghast that I haven’t shared this with you yet; it’s one of my all-time favorites, and it’s also now a great way to […]

Chipotle Chicken Soup


What do you do when you unexpectedly end up with a Costco box of tomatoes? When you have a soup blog and a crowd of people for whom you make soup (and chips, salsa and margaritas) every Friday evening (click here for more info), you decide to make those tomatoes into soup! This is a […]

Cream of Tomato Soup — fast and easy!


Today is one of those transition-to-spring days.  Warm enough to tantalize you, but cold enough that you wouldn’t want to stay outside for long.  I thought it seemed like a soup-for-lunch day.  JR thought it seemed like a sandwich (with melted cheese) day.  What’s the perfect meet-in-the-middle lunch?  Tomato soup with grilled cheese, of course!

Fast Chickpea Stew


Hey!  Remember that one time when I started a soup blog?  And I made a couple of posts and then disappeared for about 5 months?  Let me tell you “the rest of the story:”  I got pregnant and that little baby made me so sick from April to June that I really wasn’t doing any […]

Roasted Tomato Soup


This was one of those “hmmm, hubby-wants-tomato-soup-for-dinner-since-he-stayed-on-the-couch-sick-all-day,-and-I-don’t-have-any-in-the-cupboard,-and-I’m-too-lazy-to-go-all-the-way-downstairs-to-get-a-computer-to-look-up-a-recipe-but-I-think-I-can-fake-it” soups.  What, you don’t have those days? So here’s what I did: