My name is Molly, and I like soup.  I like making soup, and I like eating soup.  I like soup by myself or soup for a crowd.  I love soup because it can be quick and easy and healthy, or it can be complicated and rich … either way, it’s delicious.

I live in Montana, where we have bitterly-cold-take-your-breath-away-soup weather; and we also have sunny-have-a-light-soup-dinner-weather, and everything in between.

What else about me?  I have a wonderful husband who does all of my tech support and two dogs who believe they’re human. I’m a grammar geek.  I love tea, although I’ll never turn down a good white mocha.  I’ve been known to make a mean chocolate cake, but I usually wimp out and can only eat a few bites.

Oh, and my husband would tell you that I’m a cheapskate, which is another reason I like soup: seriously, you can feed a crowd for pennies per person!  But, shhhh, don’t tell them that, and they’ll never guess: with a warm bowl of soup, a hearty chunk of bread and/or cheese, and some great companionship, they’ll go away satisfied body and soul.